Sunday, August 12, 2012

a "good" tired.

i. am. pooped.

i've had such an exhausting week.  event after event, early morning after early morning, i haven't had much rest in the last week, but boy did i have fun.  i spent friday morning giggling and gut laughing with my dad.  whenever we spend time together, we always have fun!  
that night i went to a camping-in-the-back-yard night with some friends.  there was food, fire, and frustration ;) (thankfully i didn't volunteer to put up the tent).  
then saturday night a few close friends and i celebrated a few of our birthdays that fall within three weeks of each other.  we made homemade pizzas (yum!), and then went to see new batman movie.  that was my second time seeing it, and it was still amazing.
sunday night, as a family, we celebrated my aunts 50th birthday.  i hope to look as half as good as she does at 50.  she is such beautiful person: inside and out!
so, it's late sunday night and i am so tired, but i when i hop in bed, ill be so happy with all of the wonderful memories made this weekend.

here are some shots i took...

isn't she gorgeous?


  1. These are all beautiful, Kara. Thanks for sharing!

  2. she really is totes gorge- must run in the family