Sunday, July 29, 2012

Over the weekend...

just some pictures i took over the course of the weekend

Sat night at the curragh

can't ever resist pasta carbonara

...and some few shots of downtown grand rapids

what did you do this weekend?

Friday, July 27, 2012

yes, i may end up a cat lady...

trying out my new camera!

since my sister and my mom don't enjoy having pictures taken of them, i am forced(not really) to take pictures of my pups and kitties(and my friends kitties too)

aren't they cute?

i promise, in the future, i won't blog only pictures of animals.  i do have friends, and i will take pictures of them :)

have a blessed day!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

celebratory endeavours

yesterday was my birthday...and what a wonderful birthday it was!
my mom, sister, and i left early in the morning to head and hour and a half south to go to my faaaavvvorite fast food restaurant, chick-fil-a!  unfortunately, they don't have ANY (not a one!) chick-fil-a's in michigan. (but maybe that's a good thing because i would eat there all the time)

After stuffing ourselves, we went to michigan city to do some serious shopping.  at about noontime i was wishing that we were in a mall and not in an outlet center.  the temperature rose to around 95 and we were all pooped earlier than expected.  so we drove home (with no air) and then just relaxed for the rest of the night.
when we got home though, i noticed a package on our front porch...what could it be????  my new camera of course!  i am so very excited to start taking pictures(mainly learn how to take good ones) and share them on here!

all in all, i had a very wonderful birthday and i feel so blessed to have such wonderful family and friends in my life.

and speaking of friends i wanted to mention a wonderful blog belonging to my very beautiful friend Margeaux.  you can find her blog here.  i love to read her posts and see whats going on in her life.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

lansing weekend

my dear friend donna and i went to lansing this weekend to visit our friend kristina.  we had TONS of laughs, did some shopping, ate a ton of food, and enjoyed a few celebratory birthday beverages :)

for my birthday, i got this hilariously awesome mug of ron swanson from my favorite show, parks and recreation.  i also got some hair products, a devotional, velvet hammer (my favorite coffee) from Bryson City, NC, and some really pretty mint-colored nail polish.  thanks to you both for a great weekend!

i am so very blessed.  i often thank the Lord for such wonderful amazing friends i have. :)

praying you have safe and wonderful week,

Friday, July 20, 2012

babies, babies, babies!

i got to spend 4 wonderful days with kelly, luke and lily.

most of the time we just chilled, watched movies, ate...but on monday we took a little adventure to lansing.  kelly got to see her beautiful friend ashlea's baby wyatt(he's the little boy) for the first time!  he is such a precious little blessing from heaven.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

they. are. here.

my beautiful friend kelly, her wonderful husband luke, and their absolutely precious daughter lily(who will call me auntie) came into town last night!  and i am soooo excited!
they drove all the way from north carolina with a 5 month old.  what a task!
i can't wait to spend every free moment that i have with them.
lily is such a great blessing to me.  i've prayed for her even since we found out kelly and luke were pregnant and now being able to be in her life and spend time with her makes me so honored that the Lord would put her in my life. i can't wait to watch her grow and see what God has in store for her life!

more pictures to come of this blue eyed beauty...

Thursday, July 12, 2012

i've got style?

i'd like to think that i have some sort of personal style...

tomorrow i get a much needed eye exam. even though i only need glasses to read (hopefully my prescription hasn't changed too much), i'm investing in some stylish glasses.  i'm taking a bit of a leap and buying something i usually wouldn't pick out, but hey, you only live once...or YOLO as they say, eh?
so here is what im looking at

more pictures to come

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

In the beginning...

so here we go!
im officially starting a blog

this month i'm turning 24, and time is ticking!
so here are some of my want-to's by starting this thing up:
  i want to start recording highs and lows of my life.  i want to look back and see what i've gone through.  i want to look back and see the grace by which He has loved me (and you)

so now i hope to be an instrument being inspired so i can maybe inspire.

more posts and pictures of my life to come...