Sunday, January 6, 2013

some of my favorite winter moments

1//i love taking pictures of my dog Desha in the snow. i'm not trying to brag, but she is just one pretty dog.  she absolutely LOVES being outside in the snow.  she is a siberian husky, so snow is home for her.

2//my friend kristina's birthday is in january.  one year we went downtown grand rapids and ice skated outside in rosa parks circle.  it's such a dear and fun memory for me.  also, the skates only cost a dollar to rent and skating is free!  can't beat that deal

3//this winter, my church small group went to up north for a weekend retreat.  we spent some of our time serving the camp that we stayed at.  we cut and hauled a TON of wood.  this will be a memory i will never forget.  i got very warm when we were hauling wood, so i got sweaty and took off a bunch of layers.  afterward we rode horses and it started to snow and freeze...oh boy, i was an icicle at the end of the ride.  i just remember taking a hot shower for at least 45mins and i still hadn't warmed up.

4//and of course my favorite winter moment....CHRISTMAS!  i just love christmas.

what are your favorite winter moments?

Saturday, January 5, 2013

a new year

hey guys!  happy new year to you all!
a new year means new beginnings.  in the past i haven't made many new years resolutions (except the continuous weight loss goal), but this year i decided to do something that would be very beneficial and very obtainable.  i plan on taking notes for every sermon/study that i am apart of AND go back and look at it.  my brain always does better with an outline.  in the past i usually sit through speakers and just let my mind wonder.  i intend to soak up as much as possible, Lord willing.

do any of you have resolutions?